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The importance of knowing how to be a dog

Some dogs can get nervous around many different situations or things. This happens sometimes because they were separated from their mothers at a very young age, and didn’t get the chance to learn the important lessons the mother and littermates gives them; or maybe they haven’t been socialized enough with other dogs so they kind of lost that dog essence and get stress out under circumstances that a well balanced dog wouldn’t get. No matter the age, size or breed, it is important for them to know how to integrate as a dog in the world. 

Knowing how to be a dog gives them confidence in themselves and know what to do in every situation without getting nervous or anxious, and recurring to unwanted behaviors. They need to know their own purpose and how to live life with confidence with the humans as their leaders. 

We are not the typical dog daycare where they just put the dog in a room for him to play, we are an educational daycare... We work with every dog’s needs and on their general structure. We reinforce the training they come with from home and work on their discipline. The newcomers learn how to integrate by looking at the old members, showing how beneficial it is for them to have a pack; they learn to follow the leader when they see the entire pack doing it. 

What about training? 


You would think that by just doing daycare or boarding your dog would learn everything he needs to know. But some dogs will need to do training sessions to assess specific behaviors.

We recommend for all puppies to do some training sessions before coming to regular daycare or boarding, that way we put extra time for them to learn and catch up with the pack. If you just adopted a dog that is an adult but hasn't gone through any training before or that you don’t know his past; this kind of dog usually have manners acquired, he is used to live in a specific way due to the life he has had till now, we recommend doing a few sessions of training for this kind of dog as well so we can work on him changing his life style and adjusting better to his new life. These are just a few examples, like we mentioned, every dog is different so after we meet your dog we will be able to identify if he needs training, or if daycare or boarding are enough. We appreciate all the details you can give us about your pup, that will help us to get to know him better and faster and be able to work on his specific needs. 

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