Do you have a dog? Are you worried Fido is bored at home when you have to leave him for work or errands? That's where we came in. At Woof Pack we love your best bud like he's our own. We keep him occupied when he'd otherwise be bored and alone. Bring him to us and we'll keep that happy tail wagging. Along with walking him, we will also teach you the skills to understand your beloved pet a little better.




    $30 - We will take care of your dog while you are at work or gone for long periods during the day. Your pup will enjoy lots of play time with the pack, adventures to parks, hiking trails or the beach and we will reinforce their training and discipline.  Contact for drop off/pick up times.


    $20 per visit. Providing companionship, food and water. Let us know what are your specific needs. Only available at certain locations, contact us for more info. 


    $80 -  Boarding and training,your pup will enjoy the boarding activities and will get the training he needs for his specific problems. 


    $100 - 1 hour private session training. 



    $40 - Pups will be bathed with an oatmeal formula shampoo, dried with a blow dryers and brushed.  


    Starts at $20 depending on location.


    $50 per day - Staycation while you vacation! All we need is the food. We have toys, beds and bowls. We have crates if your dog is used to sleep in one, we don't like to change their routine as consistency is key, so let us know! If not they will sleep somewhere around the house, either a bed or a couch, or whatever spot they chose in the house... at the end the house is for them, we are just allowed to be around :-) Pick up and drop off is included if you live less than 8 miles from us. 



    $50 - A day full full adventures for your pup with added training towards your pup's specific needs. 

    We love cats too!




    My partner and I love animals, and we want to spend as much time as possible with them. We think it will be incredible to spend time with them, and at the same time we can try to help them to be happier, because if you think about it, they are the happiest dogs when they are all tired and their tongues are hanging out from walking and seeing the world outside of the house. 

    Dogs — particularly puppies and young dogs — have a lot of energy, and if they don’t get the chance to burn it off, destructive behavior is often the result. Dogs need exercising as much as humans do if not more, inactive dogs are often overweight dogs, and as in people, that brings plenty of health risks like  diabetes, respiratory disease, and heart disease. Geriatric dogs often have a hard enough time getting up without the added problem of lifting excess pounds. So, we are here to help!

    We would try to fill them with all our love and dedication. We want to make their life better, and with that, help you have a better life with your canine pal, taking out all the anxiety they could have, and helping you and them to understand each other better. We have been around dogs our entire life, volunteering at shelters, and working with dogs at daycares. We have been training dogs for over 6 years, and we think we can give your best friend good memories to last forever.


    This is an obedience training consisting of the basic commands such as "heel","sit", "down", "come", "stay", "leave it", "no". Like humans, some dogs will learn faster than others, but we will give them our best during the time they are with us to get them to learn the most they can. We provide them with exercise so they are more receptive at the time of training and we expose them to different real world situations so the good behavior is not only when they are inside home but when they go out as well. Any dog can be good between 4 walls, it's when you take them out that the real challenge begins. 



    How long will my dog need training?

    It depends on how many times you want to bring him/her and how much time you spend at home practicing what we leave you for homework. We recommend doing at least 3 times per week for 3 to 4 weeks when doing daycare/training. If you are doing boarding/training we recommend doing at least 10 days. Every dog is different, the age is a factor as well... a young pup learns fast but will need to get some more training as he grows and develops as an adult. The more you practice at home the better! We will definitely give you the tools and the knowledge to keep up with the training and to create a better bond with your dog. 

    Things to keep in mind!

    It usually takes more than a month for a dog to capture more than two tricks, so practicing at home is crucial. Going over the commands with your dog also allows it to get used to you being the one giving it orders as the owner. Patience is key!



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