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It may seem far away but December holidays come faster than you think! Here is what you need to know...

Remember: no pick up or drop off available on Dec 25th and Jan 1st! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

For current clients: 

If your dogs are regular members of the pack (meaning we see your dog often every month) you don't have much to worry about! We most likely be able to accommodate you. We do encourage you to let us know with time in advance about your plans. 

If your dogs don't come very often we encourage you to get back in touch with us starting in November so we have time to schedule some visits prior the holidays. We will need time to re introduce your dog to the pack, otherwise we will have to treat your pup as a "new dog"  for the holidays.


Prices will differ during Dec 23rd to Jan 1st.

For new clients:

We are very excited to have your pup join our pack. For new dogs we need time for them to adjust to our place, us and the pack. We STRONGLY recommend you to contact us as soon as possible so we have time to coordinate everything. We only accept 2 new dogs per day and some dogs will require doing a few daycare days prior boarding over the holidays. Prices will differ during Dec 23rd to Jan 1st.


If you find out you will need a place for your pup to stay  over the holidays after Dec 15th and until Jan 5th we might still be able to accommodate you, space will be limited and prices will differ from regular prices. Contact us to coordinate.  

Thank you always
for trusting your pup with us!

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